New podcast, who dis?

Both Molly Wood and Ramanan Raghavendran are climate obsessives — in our work at Molly Wood Media and Amasia respectively, and in our personal lives.

We are also voracious readers. It turns out that some of the most fascinating modern fiction is being written by authors imagining a future climate-inflected world, and this is our excuse to speak with them and share their insights (and their works!) with you.

We hope to do these regularly and welcome your ideas about whom we should have on.

We know some of you would rather consume text, so below each podcast episode is a full transcript, along with helpful links to or about the author’s work.

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Molly and Ramanan chat with cli-fi authors and imagine our climate-changed future.


Molly Wood is a climate tech investor and startup advisor, and a longtime journalist in print, on radio, and TV, and a podcasting pioneer. Opinions are to be expected.
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